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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Nov 15 French Bulldog Full breed: French Bulldog puppies Los Angeles, CA $400
Nov 12 Other Ausky puppies for sale Fort Bridger, WY $350
Nov 12 French Bulldog Beautiful French Bulldog puppies Long Beach, CA $270
Nov 10 Siberian Husky Purebred Siberian huskies Tucson, AZ $380
Nov 10 Any lost dog Ogden, UT $0 NO
Nov 10 Siberian Husky pure bread siberian huskys Evanston, WY $500 NO
Oct 22 German Shepherd Dog Male And Female German shepherd puppies Las Vegas, NV $280
Oct 17 Yorkshire Terrier Home raised yorkie puppies for rehoming Salt Lake City, UT $0 NO
Oct 9 Bulldog English Bulldog Puppies Available San Diego, CA $800
Oct 8 Boxer Boxer puppies for adoption Scottsdale, AZ $250
Oct 7 Bulldog Wrinkled English Bulldog Puppies Albuquerque, NM $260
Sep 29 Other Insert title here. Pacoima, CA $200
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